Terms of redemption

The voucher is only active after payment. 
If the value of the voucher is not sufficient, it is possible to pay the difference with another payment method (PayPal or prepayment).
Remaining credit can be redeemed with the same code, which can be viewed in the customer account. The total amount of the voucher is automatically reduced. 
Our general terms and conditions as well as the data protection regulations apply to the redemption.


Our gift vouchers can only be redeemed in our online shop www.otter-messer.de. 
Only goods can be purchased, no other vouchers. 
There is no cash payment of vouchers or remaining amounts.


OTTER-Messer GmbH accepts no liability in the following cases:
 Misspelling of the recipient's e-mail address

  • Loss 
  • Theft 
  • Misuse 
  • Delays in the transmission of the voucher and/or payments in the event of technical difficulties.


In the event that we determine that fraud or attempted fraud has occurred or that there is suspicion of other illegal activities involving the vouchers or the redemption of the vouchers, we as OTTER-Messer GmbH are entitled to close customer accounts and/or demand other alternative methods of payment.
Furthermore, there is no entitlement to activation or payment of affected vouchers.

If there should be any problems

If, contrary to expectations, there should be a problem with a voucher, please contact us by e-mail : info@otter-messer.de. Please describe the problem as precisely as possible, important details include: Your customer number, the voucher code, error messages from the system and the browser you are using.