Belt Holster MERCATOR
Finding the perfect holster for the world-famous Mercator knife is definitely no easy task! For this reason, Sebastian from hartaufhart decided to develop one himself and put various prototypes through their paces over a period of 2 years. The result is this handmade holster made from vegetable-tanned cowhide of European origin. Each holster looks slightly different and may even show scars or small signs of injury from the animal. The leather is sealed on the inside so that moisture does not affect the leather. The outside is also impregnated and polished to be water-repellent. The integrated side stabilisers and the rivets are made of brass. The metal surfaces are polished but untreated so that an individual patina develops over time. The holster can be worn on the left or right, with the opening facing forwards or backwards. The position on the belt is irrelevant. The loop on the back has been designed in such a way that a firm fit is always guaranteed and yet there is enough flexibility to adapt to all body movements. The holster is available in natural, saddle brown and black. Suitable for all belts up to 42 mm and a maximum leather thickness of 5 mm. Belts narrower than 30 mm and less than 3 mm thick should not be used, as wearing comfort is no longer guaranteed. * The product photos are sample images, the colour and texture of the leather may vary. The knives shown are not part of the product!

Winegrower's knife Winegrower's knife
Winegrower's knife
The winegrower's knife - simple and puristic, yet something special. The handle is made of 100-year-old oak barrels in which barrique has matured. The soaked red wine created a unique grain in the wood, which makes each knife unique. Equipped with a stainless steel blade and a corkscrew, the winegrower's knife is the perfect companion for a picnic.The knife comes with a leather strap and matching pouch.It is limited to 50 pieces. Design: Moritz Wenz Studio