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The multifunctional tool for travelling

Not without my Swiss army knife!

The Swiss Army Knife (also known as the Swiss Army Knife and Swiss Army Knife) is the best-selling pocket knife in the world. Whether on a camping holiday, bike tour, sailing trip, trekking or survival trip: anyone who is out and about outdoors will appreciate the qualities of a good multifunctional tool like the Swiss Army Knife. And not just on an adventure holiday! The Swiss Army Knife is the ultimate travelling companion. And it can do even more:

A knife for all occasions

Not only when travelling, but also at home and in the office, the Swiss Army Knife is quickly to hand when no suitable tool is at hand. Whether you need to loosen a screw, strip cable, carve wood, saw, file rough edges smooth, cut fingernails or open a bottle - the Swiss Army Knife is the knife for all occasions. When it comes to Swiss knives, you can choose between numerous models from the Victorinox, Wenger or Swiza brands. Other multi-tools are also equipped with several mini-tools that can be folded in and out of the handle, just like the Swiss Army Knife. This allows the multifunctional tools to be transported safely.

The triumph of the Swiss Army and sports knife

The Swiss Army Knife was developed at the end of the 19th century as an army knife for the soldiers of the Swiss Army. Among other things, the knife was intended to help with eating and dismantling the rifle. The original type was therefore equipped with a blade, can opener, slotted screwdriver and awl. Incidentally, the first Swiss pocket knives were not produced by the Swiss, but in Solingen in the Bergisches Land: As no Swiss company had the production capacity required for the army's purchase volume in 1891, the knife manufacturer Wester & Co. in Solingen produced the first 15,000 Swiss Army knives.

The "Sackmesser"

Did you know that the Swiss Army Knife is also called a pocket knife in Switzerland? The term "Sackmesser" comes from the word "Hosensack", the Swiss word for trouser pocket. 

The multifunctional tool (not only) for travelling

How often do you need to cut, file, open or drill something, but don't have a knife, file, can opener or bottle opener to hand? The Swiss Army Knife and similar multifunctional tools are the saviours in times of need. In addition to the usual folding knife blade, Swiss army knives have various other functions that make the tool an all-purpose tool. Even the basic models have a variety of integrated tool functions, such as

  • Knife blade
  • Corkscrew
  • Can opener
  • File

Combination blades that can also be used as bottle openers, can openers, screwdrivers and wire strippers, toothpicks, tweezers, saws, nail scissors or nail files, multi-purpose hooks, key rings, chisels, drills or sewing awls - with the right Swiss army knife, you are equipped for any situation. Wherever you can't or don't want to carry a toolbox, Swiss army knives and multitools are the ideal alternative, as they fit in every drawer, desk, handbag and ultimately in every trouser pocket.

Mercator Multi – the multitool from OTTER-Messer

With the Mercator Multi, we at OTTER-Messer in Solingen have reissued a tried and tested multifunctional tool. Thanks to old patterns and yellowed drawings, we have succeeded in reintroducing this popular pocket knife to our range after 60 years. As in the past, we have carefully crafted the multi-tool with four tools:

  • a lockable knife blade
  • an awl for loosening knots and piercing holes
  • a can opener and a corkscrew