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Anchor knife grenadilla
Functionality and simple beauty — those are the attributes distinguishing this classic OTTER model. The anchor knife is a true eye-catcher. The brass anchor inlaid into the wooden handle gives this pocket knife a special flair. Together with the dark handle sides made of fine grenadilla, it creates a remarkable contrast. The blade is a hoof blade, which is particularly well suited for drawing cuts. The included leather band completes not only the knife, but it also helps prevent losing it. Please note: We sell our knives with grenadilla scales only within Germany and the EU.Our Grenadilla knife sheaths are from the old stock before the listing in the EC Regulation No. 338/97 took place on 02.01.2017. This pocket knife is a large version of the anchor knife.

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Hunting knife "Sperber" micarta black
Rotwild is our new brand for hunting and outdoor knifes. Like our OTTER-knives it is only produced in our manufacture in Solingen. The hunting knife "Sperber" is as robust as functional. Thanks to its straight handle and the slim form it's an allrounder, suitable for outdoor activities as well as for gralloching game. Blade, liner and butt are made of one piece. This makes it much more robust than knifes which are made of several parts. For the blade you can choose between N690 Böhler steel, 1.4034 rust proof steel or C75 carbon steel. The handles are made of micarta. A robust leather case is included.

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The Mercator and OTTER knife, these two expressions are tightly connected. Now there is also a knife that displays this connection. We have reissued the Mercator in its historical form. Instead of the classical black steel casing, the handle is now made of brass. The elegant look of the metal is completed by the embossed OTTER design. This Mercator knife possesses all the properties you have come to value, in spite of its elegant appearance. It is small, functional and reliable. This model is the larger, lockable brass knife. The blade is available in a stainless or carbon steel option. Please note: Since brass is a very soft material, small toolmarks from the knife manufacturing are hard to avoid. These are not defects, but rather witness to the individuality of the knife.

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OTTER "Beemaster" - with personalised engraving
A tried and tested classic knife becomes something special. The new beekeeper's knife is now a faithful companion. The bolsters, plates and rivets are made of brass, as is the honeycomb inlay with the image of a bee. The brass harmonises very well with the different woods. We have also used the unusual wood species sea buckthorn for this special knife. It is a native wood with a beautiful grain that provides the handle scales for our knives. The beekeeper's knife is only available with a stainless steel blade. €3 from every knife sold will be donated to the bee training centre in Witten Hohenstein.  Personalised knives cannot be exchanged! 

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OTTER "Draco" – with a personal engraving
The mystically shimmering blue of the stabilized poplar wood inspired us to name this knife. The iridescent blue tones in combination with the cool double hollow bolsters, which look like dragon scales, give each knife a unique look. You can choose between a carbon and a stainless steel blade. Personalized knives cannot be exchanged!

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OTTER Pocket knife 05 buckhorn
This strong pocket knife possesses a very fine and interesting looking unlocking mechanism for the blade. The lever on the handle back gets pushed forward to unlock the blade. This lifts the spring and the blade can be folded in. This mechanism facilitates the safe handling of the knife. Bolsters, tang, lever and rivets are made of brass, the handle is made of buckhorn. When shopping for a utility knife, you should choose a carbon blade because of its easier re-sharpening properties and longer lasting edge. Another option is a blade made of stainless steel. It is more resistant to moisture and does not leave any residual metal taste.

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