Sharpening service for your knives

A knife sharpening service is an extremely practical service offered by many knife manufacturers. Here is some information about this service, the benefits of in-house sharpening and knife refurbishment:

1. Sharpening service for knives:

This service offers professional reconditioning of knives to improve their cutting performance and longevity. Knives can become dull and lose their shine over time, limiting their enjoyment.

2. Grinding voucher:

A special feature of our manufacture is our sharpening voucher. This is enclosed with each of our knives above a value of 100€ and enables the customer to have the blade re-sharpened once free of charge. All further information can be found on our voucher card.

3. Advantages of the in-house grinding shop:

  • Quality and precision: Our in-house grinding shop offers a high-quality and precise grinding service. It is important to us that all knives meet our high quality standards.
  • Speed: The on-site sharpening service means that customers can usually send their knives directly to our manufactory. This saves time and reduces the expense of additional transport and shipping.
  • Personal service: In an in-house grinding shop, customers can contact the experts if necessary to discuss their specific requirements and receive recommendations.
  • Maintaining quality: Regular sharpening and reconditioning of the blades can keep the knives in good condition for longer, which extends the life of the knives.

4. Reconditioning of the knife:

With our professional sharpening service, the blade is not only sharpened, but also refurbished. This means that rust stains in particular are removed to bring the knife back into the best possible condition. Further reconditioning is of course also possible. 

5. Service procedure:

  • Receipt of goods: Pack the knife in any cardboard box and send it directly to us at the manufactory (OTTER-Messer GmbH, Schwertstraße 35, 42651 Solingen). Please enclose a small two-line note with all your contact details and the reason for sending. It is also possible to have non-factory knives resharpened. After 14 days at the latest, you will receive your knife back "as new". The return shipment is made via DHL.
  • Prices: Sharpening knives with a blade length of up to 9 cm costs € 5.00, for a blade length of up to 13 cm € 10.00. For a length of 13 cm or more, resharpening costs €15.00.

If a complete refurbishment of the knife is desired, please contact us. We will of course be happy to take care of your old treasures.

  • Payment: You pay in advance or via PayPal. The shipping costs are a flat rate of € 7.50. As soon as the knife has passed through our grinding shop, you will receive an invoice from us by email. After receipt of payment, the goods will be dispatched immediately (you will receive the respective tracking number by email).

Grinding voucher

With our sharpening voucher you have the opportunity to have your knives professionally resharpened by us! Send us the knife together with the voucher and your  contact  details to the manufactory (OTTER-Messer GmbH, Schwertstraße 35, 42651 Solingen) and after 14 days at the latest the knife will be returned to you "as new".

The return shipment will be made by DHL.