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Product information "HIPPEKNIEP small smoked oak"

The original Hippekniep (goat knife) pocket knife from OTTER is a simple and robust knife. Rough handling and tough jobs like leverage work caused the blades of the classic predecessor models to loosen. A sturdier solution had to be developed: the rivet holding the blade firmly in position now comes equipped with a large semi-circular rivet in a broad casing. When needed, the rivet can simply be hammered in deeper if the blade begins to loosen after extensive use. This knife is our small Hippekniep.

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Blade shape: Normal form
Blade thickness: 2,5 mm
Brand: OTTER Pocket Knives
Handle length: 90 mm
Material Erl/Liner: Steel
Material spring: Carbon steel C45
Total length: 165 mm
Weight: 60 g
Model: Hippekniep
Version: Small version
Blade length: 75 mm
Blade material: Carbon steel C75
Handle material: Smoked oak
Lock: Slipjoint

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7 October 2023 22:16

Beautiful knife

I bought one of these works of art on a trip to Schloss Burg whilst on holiday this summer. It is a beautiful knife and the generous oak scales feel lovely in the hand. It accompanies me most days in my pocket!

16 August 2023 20:50

Love this knife

I bought my Hippekniep Klein on a visit to Schloß Burg during my holiday this year. I wanted something that would be strong, legal to carry in the UK and not too heavy. My Hippekniep Klein is all those things as well as looking extremely handsome with its smoked oak scales and steel rivets. It has hardly left my pocket since I bought it!

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