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Shopping simple and comfortable:

Online shopping with OTTER-Messer is comfortable and clearly arranged. How it works:

Step 1:
Choose the products you'd like to order. With one click only you can put your chosen article in your cart. The cart refreshes automatically when you add more products. You can add or remove products from your cart any time. It will show you the price of article as well as the total price (plus shipping costs) including VAT.

Step 2:
When you chose all the articles you'd like to order click on "checkout". You will be forwarded to our login-area. There you can choose to order as guest or registered customer. If you already have an account you can log-in with your login details. Your personal data will be taken for the ordering process. After entering your data you'll come to the next page where to chose your payment method. Just choose your favourite payment method. Please notice you can only continue with your order after accepting our terms and conditions. If you want your goods to be delivered to an alternate address click on the button "change address". Then you can enter another shipping address which will be used for your order. Please enter your phone number so that we can contact you for further questions.

Step 3:
After chosing a correct delivery address, payment method and accepting our terms and conditions you click on the button "next" to go forward to the order confirmation. There, all important information are listed for you as well as the total price and shipping costs. Click on "buy" to send your order. In a next step you are forwarded to our confirmation page. Additionally you get an e-mail with all information about your order.